4 Recruitment Ideas You Can Pinch from Amazon

1. Find a match

2. Take your time

3. Challenge your candidates

4. Align their principles with yours

  • Customer obsession — start with the customer, and continually work to build customer trust.
  • Ownership — think long-term for the company as a whole, beyond your own team.
  • Invent and simplify — constant innovation without self-limitation gets the gold star.
  • Are right, a lot — leaders have “strong judgment and good instincts.”
  • Learn and be curious — learning never ends, self-improvement never ends.
  • Hire and develop the best — leaders are expected to develop new leaders and raise the bar with each hire.
  • Insist on the highest standards — what some might call unreasonably high standards are expected.
  • Think big — bold innovation that serves customers is highly valued.
  • Bias for action — move fast and take calculated risks.
  • Frugality — less is more. Be resourceful.
  • Earn trust — leaders are expected to listen, be forthright, and treat others with respect.
  • Dive deep — get into the nitty gritty at all levels. Keep an eye on the details and stay on top of metrics.
  • Have backbone; disagree and commit — don’t compromise in order to maintain “social cohesion.”
  • Deliver results — the goal should always be quality results delivered on time.


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Coburg Banks

We’re a UK based, multi-sector recruiter that‘s on a mission to prove that recruitment doesn’t necessarily have to be predictable and boring.