• Javier Chávez

    Javier Chávez

    Born and raised in Venezuela, living and working in Lima, Perú.

  • Steffan Gooch

    Steffan Gooch

    I supercharge #recruitment agencies through digital. Follow me for insights into recruitment, marketing and life in general!

  • Sergey Golovorushko

    Sergey Golovorushko

  • AdMore


    What's going on in the http://admore-recruitment.co.uk office and things we find interesting about retail and recruitment! Winner at the 2013 Recruiter Awards

  • Jananishera


  • Indrajit Ari

    Indrajit Ari

  • AndyGomes


    over 20 years on sales, bizdev, sw, telco, banking, marketing, alliance, partnership and biz mgmt. VC, startup, ecommerce.

  • Tony Titolo

    Tony Titolo

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