What Work Perks Do Employees Really Want?

  • Improve staff retention — with 66% of employees stating that they’d probably choose to stay longer with a business that offers top benefits.
  • Reduce your taxes — through salary sacrifice schemes.
  • Make recruiting easier — with 83% of recruitment professionals believing that work benefits make the whole process easier.

The best employee benefits revealed

  • sabbatical opportunities;
  • free drinks on Fridays;
  • Christmas Parties;
  • and flexi-time

Are you one of them?

The business lesson

  • Social activities — like monthly team bonding nights.
  • Learning-based activities — including setting up fitness, knitting and book clubs.
  • Salary sacrifice schemes — cycling schemes, ultra-low emission company cars and childcare vouchers are perfect ones to provide as they are all tax-free.
  • Freebies — offer free food and hot drinks to all employees.
  • Well being benefits — gym membership discounts, an option to increase their annual leave and job sabbaticals are among the most popular.




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Coburg Banks

Coburg Banks


We’re a UK based, multi-sector recruiter that‘s on a mission to prove that recruitment doesn’t necessarily have to be predictable and boring.